UMN Global Convergence Lab 2019

The Global Convergence Lab  is an interdisciplinary course at the University of Minnesota that is working to bring together students from a diverse range of backgrounds to explore the complexity of Global Resiliency issues.  This year’s lab is co-coordinated by the School of Architecture, the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and the Acara Program (at the Institute on the Environment).

In January of 2019, students and faculty from the University of Minnesota will converge with students and faculty from the University of Puerto Rico to shape a new kind of relational research inquiry.  Our work will be nested within a set of relationships established through the RISE network.  This year’s Lab will focus on energy transitions.   We will develop project specific inquiries with communities in Puerto Rico and work collaboratively to produce design ventures that span geographic, political and economic divisions between Minnesota and Puerto Rico.  The Lab will share its research with the RISE network so that other institutions can use it to inform their energy transitions inquiries.

Read about the 2019 Global Convergence Lab in the Minnesota Daily.



January 3 - 18, 2019